“The Kingdom” is a big theme for Jesus. In the English Standard translation, “kingdom” is mentioned 126 times in the Gospels and 34 more times in the rest of the New Testament. The basic meaning of the word kingdom in the Bible is JESUS' kingly rule — His reign, His action, His lordship, His sovereign governance.

Jesus' purpose for the world is to save a people for Himself and renew this world for that people. In other words, the Kingdom, under His rule, reshapes people and this world. He establishes the Kingdom in the hearts of His people and in their relationships by triumphing over sin, Satan, and death. Then, by the exercise of His reign, gathering a people for Himself in congregations that live as citizens of a new allegiance of the Kingdom — not of this world. Then, Christ comes a second time and completes the reign by establishing a new heaven and a new earth.

The picture you get in the Gospels as Jesus unfolds the teachings of the Kingdom is that it is both present and it is still future. This means that we can currently experience the salvation and abundance of the Kingdom but not fully. Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:10 that we should regularly pray for the Kingdom to come- for earth to manifest God's will as determined already in heaven. 

This is good news! It means we no longer need to live beneath our privilege. Jesus, His reign and rule, give us full access to power, authority, provision and most importantly, deliverances we need. Nothing in our lives can overpower Him. If your faith would increase to live in the Kingdom realm and under Kingdom rule - everything in your life will change. Sure, you will still face the challenges of this life. We will do so until the Kingdom has fully come. But, you can experience more regular glimpses of His glory and defeat the devil daily by His power.

I pray our church experiences the fullness of His Kingdom.

Many Blessings,

De’Andre Salter 

Lead Pastor l Impact Church


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