For every person in the Bible who heard Jesus say, "Follow me", there is a story...a decision. Some dropped everything to follow Him into ministry while others simply made excuses as to why they couldn't become what He wanted.

Today, Jesus is still calling people to become leaders and join Him on His journey, and for many it's intimidating. We don't know if we have what it takes to follow Him and answer the call. But in this teaching series, Pastor De'Andre Salter will show you what it means to be called into ministry and why it might be time for you to say yes and accept His invitation so you can experience the fulfillment of walking in purpose.

Join us every Sunday at 8:30am & 10:30am so you can have a personal encounter with God!

Sunday, October 7th: Beyond The Bleachers
Sunday, October 14th: The Benefits of Being Called
Sunday, October 21st: 
8:30am- Minister Tyanna LeGrand
Sunday, October 28th: Called To A Renewed Mind


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