“Choosing a pastor to guide and speak over your life is one of the biggest decisions you’re going to make for your family. I’m humbled by anyone who chooses me. I understand I’m chosen and the weight of that responsibility I accept gladly.”

 De’ Andre Salter

De’Andre Salter

  • Lead Pastor

De’Andre Salter has taken an unusual path to ministry. As a businessman, he had a stellar 19-year career as Senior Vice President with three different Fortune 100 insurance companies. Then, his faith helped inspire him to build a multi-million dollar company by age 30 before finally navigating him to serve as Lead Pastor of Impact Church in South Plainfield, New Jersey. The path was unusual and he has certainly weathered many storms, but De’Andre found time to cultivate and lead hundreds of young professionals, senior executives and entrepreneurs to Christ.

Born and raised in the inner-city of Newark, New Jersey, De’Andre grew up without any financial stability. He attended church knowing about God but not really “knowing” Him intimately. Always a hard-working and highly motivated person, he graduated from Drew University in just three years. Upon graduation, De’Andre joined the insurance industry as an underwriter and quickly found professional success, but realized he was failing in the areas of his faith.

Filing for personal bankruptcy at the age of 21 forced De’Andre to evaluate his life and realize he was also spiritually bankrupt. He committed to follow the path that God had planned for him. God’s plan was for him to reach out to professionals and their families, helping them gain more than professional success and find HIS plan for their lives.

De’Andre has a relentless passion to help other Christians grow their faith, nurture their families, serve their communities and build incredible businesses. He also teaches Christians everywhere that God desires for them to leave both a spiritual and financial legacy for their children. As a servant leader, he also acts as a small business coach, public speaker, and blogger, using his platform to help others realize that biblical teachings, texts and experiences can help them reach their life goals and please God when applied to their personal and professional life.

De’Andre has been happily married to his childhood sweetheart, Terri, for over twenty-two years and together they have four children. He holds a Master of Theology from The Kings University and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. He also serves on the Board of Trustees at his undergraduate alma mater, Drew University.