“Choosing a pastor to guide and speak over your life is one of the biggest decisions you’re going to make for your family. I’m humbled by anyone who chooses me. I understand I’m chosen and the weight of that responsibility I accept gladly.”

 De’ Andre Salter

De'Andre & Terri Salter

  • Pastor and First Lady

Pastor De'Andre and Terri Salter have hearts to help families experience real transformation. Their modeling and anointing for family has restored many broken marriages and given life to families in this region. 

Pastor D has dedicated innumerable hours of service and developed a litany of resources to help others achieve their highest potential in the areas of faith, family and finances. As a result, he constantly sees the impossible accomplished in the lives of his congregation because of his obedience to the call on his life.

Lady Terri specializes in relationship coaching and creating support networks for women.  Through keynotes, seminars and individual counseling, she teaches women to define and control their destiny, find balance and wholeness, walk in integrity and virtue, and create healthy, strong, meaningful relationships.


  • De’Andre Salter

    De’Andre Salter

    • Lead Pastor

    De’Andre Salter has taken an unusual path to ministry. As a businessman, he had a stellar 19-year career as Senior Vice President with three different Fortune 100 insurance companies.
  • Terri Jones Salter

    Terri Jones Salter

    • First Lady

    Terri is author of Sins of My Mother, a novel chronicling the spiritual journey of a “people pleasing” woman who has sacrificed her personal happiness in an attempt to mend the lives of her dysfunctional family. Sins of My Mother…