iKids Ages 3-12

Impact Kids revolves around Jesus, and fun! Every Sunday, children hear Bible stories and are introduced to Bible characters. We teach kids through the use of drama, music, dance, and technology. This allows them to develop friendships at an early age with other kids who are just as excited about Christianity as they are. This excitement carries over into their teenage years and eventually into their early adulthood.

At Impact Kids, we lay down the foundation for kids to grow up proud of their faith and comfortable talking about Jesus. We don’t want them to be ashamed or embarrassed. We want them to be excited about going to church on Sunday! We teach kids how to pray and encourage them to pray at home. Our Impact Kids love sharing with their friends how much fun they’re having, and they even invite them to Church where they too are exposed to the Word of God.  

The days of forcing your kids to go to church on Sundays are over. Bring them to Impact and listen to how excited they are when they tell you all the things they’ve learned! Sundays will quickly become their favorite day of the week!