Welcome to Impact Church

”Welcome to Impact Church, the place where you can be made whole, transform and move from point A to B if you’re looking to take your life to the next level. Impact Church is the place where you belong. We have a tribe of people who love you, who want to partner with you and who want to help you experience the very best that God has for you. We’ll see you this Sunday at Impact church.”

In 2006, while driving along the congested roadways of route 287, De’Andre Salter heard God’s direction: plant a church in South Plainfield to reach the very people driving on these roads and to help them find Christ. Without any personal connections to rely on, De’Andre joined by his beautiful wife Terri, their four children, his loyal family members and church mothers from Joy Tabernacle in Newark, set out on the adventure of a lifetime.

With a vision to see people intentionally use their time, talent, and money to make a Christ impact in the world, The Tabernacle Church was planted in South Plainfield in 2009, allowing their vision to completely emerge in the culture of their new location, along with members of their church. In June 2016, The Tabernacle Church became Impact Church, a name more fitting to better reflect their God-given vision and mission.

A fearless tribe of people who are committed to integrity, making the best better, and giving until it hurts. This is Impact Church and it is the genetic make-up of its people. Impact Church strives to make an impact on the world because the Lord has made an impact on them. It is about doing things in a community that can really impact the lives of people and show them that Jesus is the solution to every problem. 

…..Blood and food drives, prom dresses, public health, toys.

We set a record attendance during a snowstorm and collected the most blood anyone has ever collected in inclement weather. We discovered that prom was expensive for young people in urban areas, so we collected over 150 dresses from the community.  We’ve distributed over 3,000 discount prescription drug cards in the community, provided hundreds of food baskets for hungry families in America and Liberia, collected and distributed toys for children at St. Peter’s Children hospital. The list goes on…

Everything we do is about Christ impact; improving the lives of people spiritually, as well as relationally and economically. We have one simple goal: infusing Jesus into everything. We want to influence the politics of our region for Him. We want to shape the culture of our regions with Christian values. We believe impact is bringing the light of the Lord to the places in need of Him. 

Impact Church is about reaching the unsaved. While we do not reject recycling, we really want people who have never had a relationship with the Lord receive His abundance. Impact Church is about investing in families and communities. Impact Church is all about addressing economic inequality by helping Christians unlock their gifts in the marketplace. Impact Church is about progression, pursuit, passion and purpose. Impact Church is about simply accepting Jesus Christ and following Him into the best life we can live. 

We envision Impact Churches in every county in the state of New Jersey. We don’t ever want to have over 10,000 people in one location. We want to have numerous locations where spiritual sons and daughters answer their calls to ministry and serve others in leadership and in purpose.  

Impact Church is the home of the unexpected. Your expectations will be met beyond measure. Nothing in your faith, family, and finances will stay the same.