Impact Teens 13-18

Impact Teens teaches teenagers the importance of making Christ-led decisions, being responsible for their actions, setting big goals, and the importance of making an impact in their communities. With all the challenges teenagers face today, we want to make sure they are not left feeling alone.

While our Impact Teens enjoy the fun activities they do, what they enjoy most are the real life discussions that help them become better Christians and modern-day evangelists. They work together to change the societal norms and disprove the common stereotypes of typical teenagers. They raise their standard of excellence by holding each other accountable, and ultimately doing life together-- whether it is rooting for each other at school activities, or praying for each other’s families in times of need.

There are teens all over the nation who are in need of programs just like the ones at Impact Church. We will continue to make an impact on the lives of teens in our communities, and a greater impact on the lives of teens all over the world!

Impact Teens don't follow the trends, they create the trends!