Impact Urban Ministry Institute


At Impact Church, we are focused on intentionally training the congregation for urban ministry and community service. This is the very reason we don’t offer weekly Bible study, since we find that model to be ineffective for life growth. Instead, now that you’ve joined the church we encourage you to be intentional about your spiritual growth and prepare your life for urban ministry service!


To disciple, train and release people into urban ministry. Our students learn Jesus-style leadership while solidifying a strong Biblical foundation and acquiring practical urban ministry skills.  Our goal is to expose you to the calling God has on your life, equip you for wherever God takes you, and for you to experience ministry and God moving in your life.


There are many factors to consider when deciding where God is calling you. Will you be equipped and prepared for your call? Will you connect with other students, staff and faculty? Can you afford the cost of ministry training? Does the institution offer classes in a variety of formats to complement your learning style and fit your schedule? The Urban Ministry Institute offers you the following unique benefits to ensure you get the most out of your learning experience:


Impact Urban Ministry Institute offers you a complete educational experience through a unique integrated learning model that combines non-accredited higher education with practical ministry experience in a dynamic local church. Each class integrates discussion, reading, fellowship, prayer, video learning, reading, and writing. Most importantly, we provide students with hands-on practical ministry experience projects. These projects are aligned within our healthy church, which provides students with valuable ministry experience and the opportunity to build relationships with ministry professionals. Students will have the opportunity to participate in the following areas of ministry:

  • Worship Ministry
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Marketing & Social Media
  • Christian Education
  • Impact Teens
  • Urban Ministry Institute
  • Growth Track
  • Membership Care
  • Pastoral Support


Impact Urban Ministry Institute provides a vibrant atmosphere for you to connect with God, faculty and other students. Whether fellowshipping during class breaks, worshipping together or socializing on special group projects, there are numerous ways for you to develop meaningful friendships in a Spirit-empowered community. Impact Urban Ministry Institute is committed to providing a healthy place where you can explore life and experience God.


Impact Urban Ministry Institute offers you the unique benefit of a quality Christian education from outstanding faculty for less than most community colleges and private universities. Plus with payment plans, urban ministry training has never been more affordable.


Impact Urban Ministry Institute offers you a chance to learn how to make an impact in the community where you live. Foreign mission work is very popular, but God has a special anointing for those who have a heart for the poor, sick and disenfranchised right here in New Jersey! As part of the Urban Ministry Institute experience, students will participate in various urban missions and urban outreach projects, at least two per year. Student’s tuition includes the urban mission/outreach trips. Students will help in fundraising projects to pay for any other urban missions trips.

Impact Urban Ministry Institute is non-accredited; as it is not necessary for the religious vocations we are training people in, and at this time is not pertinent in achieving the purpose and goals of the ministry.