Teaching Series


We might not readily admit it, but subconsciously we operate with the mindset of keeping certain areas of our life roped off from God. Do you want God to only have limited access to your life? In this series, "Unrestricted", Pastor De'Andre Salter  will help you identify key areas that will be transformed if you remove the red ropes and allow Christ unrestricted access.   Sunday, January 7th: Unrestricted Church    Sunday, January 14th: Unrestricted Family   Sunday, January 21st: Unrestricted Faith    Sunday, January 28th: Unrestricted Growth   ---   Every Sunday, we offer  two worship experience that your whole…

Money Mastery

If money really could talk, what would yours say? Good-bye? No matter how much debt you have, no matter how many bills you have to pay, no matter how much - or how little - money you make, you can start building a financial legacy that will last.  In this month's four-part series, Pastor De'Andre Salter will teach you how to master your money and you'll learn practical and biblical principles to free yourself from your prison of financial stress so you can build your personal wealth and help grow the Kingdom.   Sunday, October 8th: Are You The One?…

Come Closer

We’ve all been there: distant, drifting, disconnected from God, moving away from Him instead of moving toward Him. We get distracted by so many different things that fight for our attention. But we can choose to return to God and get to know Him better. We have the choice to either stay disconnected from Him or to draw closer. In this teaching series, "Come Closer", Pastor De'Andre Salter will teach you how worship has the power to deliver you out of your land of oppression into a good place where the promises God has made you are waiting.   ---…

Awesome: : Building Romantic and Passionate Relationships

When it comes to seeking advice about relationships and marriages, people tend to look in all the wrong places. Everywhere you turn, you're promised pleasure and happiness, but you're left feeling hurt and empty. Tired of watching marriages crumble? Fed up with couples giving up? Would you like to guarantee that your marriage will last? Whether you hope to get married someday or you’ve already tied the knot, discover what Awesome: Building Romantic & Passionate Relationships can mean for your future.  In this four-week marriage series from Pastor De'Andre Salter, he'll walk you through the story of Esther and show…

At The Movies

  A good movie doesn’t just tell a good story—it brings people together. At the Movies is an annual summer event at Impact Church when every week in the month of July, you'll see snippets of popular films and watch as Pastor De'Andre Salter helps you find the truth in their most powerful moments. You'll be able to grab a snack from our concession stands, find your seat, and let your imagination runwild. Don't miss your only chance to watch these messages at our South Plainfield campus! Exciting and fun children’s church for ages 3-12 will be provided at both movie showings…

The Test

Tithing is the only place where God says we can test Him. Taking this test is not an act of will, it's an act of the heart...a direct challenge of the heart. The test determines if we trust God and His kingdom system of money management/personal finance.  

Like Jesus, LOVE People

There’s so much pain and hurt in the world, sometimes it's hard to see anything else. But what if, when we looked around, all we saw was love? The greatest sacrifice in history shows us how to make it happen. In this teaching series, we'll look at three main ways that Jesus loved the Church: by forgiving sinners, washing feet, and breaking bread. --- Exciting and fun children’s church for ages 3-12 will be provided by our highly rated staff including a teacher of the year, a clinical psychologist, and experienced special needs educators!

The 2 Trees

Join us in The Garden of Eden this April when Pastor De'Andre Salter will show you how to break free from the cycle of setbacks that are a result of bad decision-making. You'll be presented with the truth of what real life in Christ means and be empowered to experience consistent breakthroughs and live in the freedom that God intends!

Relationship Bootcamp

Are you looking to rebuild your marriage? Do you need to minister your children back to health? Is the dating game just wearing you out? Are you stuck in the workplace and looking for tactics to take your career to the next level? In this new series, "Relationship Bootcamp", Pastor De'Andre Salter is going to teach you how to achieve success in your marriage, build your parenting skills, empower you to experience healthy dating and equip you with practical skills to help you advance your career. Every Sunday, you'll leave Impact Church with the elements you need to have fulfilling and…


Lost: A Quest to Find Connection in a Disconnected World When you send an email, do you count on someone to respond? When you dial a phone number, do you expect someone to pick up on the other end? When you go to the grocery store, do you expect the cashier to give you your change and receipt? This is proof that no matter how much you think you don't need other people, you depend on them in your everyday life, whether you realize it or not. You were not designed to do life alone. In the brand new series,…

We Rest On This: God Is Able

Is your job stressing you out? Are your bills piling up and it seems like you'll never crawl your way out of debt? Does your family look like it's falling apart right in front of your eyes? This Sunday, Reverend Herbert Thomas, Jr. is coming to IMPACT Church to encourage you that regardless of the difficulties you may be facing in life, God is able to keep you! After hearing this teaching, you'll be reminded to continue to trust in God's life-changing power, because it's in Him where you will find comfort, strength and assurance.

Pray Until Something Happens (PUSH)

Prayers aren’t empty words hurled at the sky. They’re conversations—in fact, they’re the most important conversations of our lives. Find out just how much it matters when you pray. Believe your big risks will be rewarded. Believe what you ask for is possible. If you’re ready to see a spark in your life, pray boldly. Pray daringly. Pray with fire. Pray until something happens!