All Saturday prayer services from start to finish is only 45 minutes so make sure you arrive on time and feel free to bring a prayer partner or friend!

Communion & Healing - Every 1st Saturday @ 9AM:

Celebrating communion marks the story of Jesus, how He gave Himself completely to give us a better life, a new start, and a fresh relationship with God. It’s at this prayer service where you’ll have the chance to encounter God in a personal way by receiving Communion with our faith community and by experiencing true healing so you can live a life filled with freedom!

Spirit Baptism & Gifting - Every 2nd Saturday @ 9AM:

God wants to use you for some incredible things, but first you have to release the miracles that are within you! To do this, you have to unlock your spiritual gifts so you can move in power, victory, and dominion. It's at this prayer service where we will gather together to yield ourselves before the Lord and unleash the Holy Spirit within us! You'll receive an infilling of the Holy Spirit so you can be empowered to be a witness of Jesus to the ends of the earth.

Family Intercession - Every 3rd Saturday @ 9AM:

We all have family relationships that need to be repaired, loved ones who we want to develop a personal relationship with Christ and those close to us who we want to make sure are always covered through prayer. It's at this prayer service where you’ll have the chance to gather with your brothers and sisters in Christ and take your God given authority over every issue concerning your family!

Freedom - Every 4th Saturday @ 9AM:

Debt, family issues, career roadblocks....the list of life's stressors goes on and on. No matter what challenges you are facing in life, talking to God should always be a top priority. At this freedom prayer service, you will have personal and uninterrupted time with God so you can cast all your cares on Him. This is the moment you've been waiting for! Come into His presence so you can break free from every circumstance that may be holding you in bondage!


*There is no prayer service on 5th Saturdays.